about us

We have been living in France for 32 years now, on holidays and while we were in England dreaming of being here!  

We bought La Ferme Ancienne in the Cote d'Or in 2005 and commenced the usual renovation project these wonderful old houses require.  

Much discussion took place following our purchase and it became very evident that having our holiday home was "n'est pas suffisant" and we wanted to take "Le Plunge" and move out here full time.  In May 2006 we arrived.

We all left a great life in England... for an even better one here.  Kate and Ashley both worked for a leading UK bank, Kate a member of their Head Office Senior Management team and Ashley a manager within their Mortgage department.  Kevin was a pharmaceutical manager with a global company and Lee-Anne a sales and marketing manager within a premium spirit company. 

Now, we are all part of BourgogneMaison a successful property management and holiday rental company.

Do have a look at the services BourgogneMaison has to offer...we would love to speak to you and see how we can help.

Merci et Abientot

Keers Famille